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Due to the media hype and the Spring Break event that takes place in and around Virginia Beach, a lot of people forget that there is much more to this independent city that sits on the southeast coast of the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is the most populous city in Virginia, having a total land area of 497 square miles, with a population estimated around 453,000 people, give or take. Included as a part of Hampton Roads and located on the Atlantic Ocean, Virginia Beach is located right at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. Due to the Chesapeake Bay's vital importance to the shipping industry as well as the United States Navy, located at Oceana Naval Air Station, this small city has an energy and spirit that rivals even the biggest cities in the United States. Virginia Beach is just one city that makes up what is referred to as "America's First Region."

Virginia Beach is a perfect example of what makes a resort city - dotted with five-star hotels, teeming with fine restaurants and packed with all the shopping centers and malls needed to handle the surge of people that visit Virginia Beach annually. For residents, this provides them with a big city atmosphere without the big city problems. Whether you're raising a family, are a single professional, or looking to retire, Virginia Beach, Virginia, is a city that has every age group in mind. Kids and fun-loving adults can visit Mount Trashmore Park, a collection of man-made mountains created from an old landfill. This park alone offers a huge skate park, two playgrounds, and beautiful man-made lakes. Virginia Beach is also home to some of the best schools in Hampton Roads.  Considering the super-rich history of the Hampton Roads area, buy a home in Virginia Beach and you will be living in one of America's most valued cities.

It goes without mentioning that Virginia Beach has countless beachside properties that are reasonably affordable compared to the rest of the nation. Standard and luxury apartments are plentiful, ranging in prices that allow most income brackets the opportunity to live in this luxurious city. Furthermore, Virginia Beach is known for its majestic oceanfront homes, modern style single family homes, ranch style homes, among others. It doesn't matter what type of house you are looking for or what your income level is, if you are in the market for a house in Virginia Beach, please do not hesitate to contact us today for more information.

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